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Worker’s Compensation

A workplace injury can be devastating to an individual and their family both physically and economically. When dealing with a debilitating physical injury, the financial ramifications can be overwhelming. Cirilli Law Offices, S.C. understands the impact of work-related injuries and cares about adequately protecting you and your family.

Don’t go it alone. An experienced worker’s compensation attorney is necessary to assist you in the complex arena of worker compensation law. Are you receiving the accurate temporary benefits? Can the worker compensation carrier properly cut off your temporary benefits? What can I do if medical bills are not being paid or payments are late? If the compensation carrier wants to pay me at a rate in accord with my own doctor, do I still need to see a worker’s compensation attorney?

Only experienced legal counsel can assist you in assuring you are being treated fairly and that your benefits are accurate. Do not rely on the worker compensation carrier or its representatives to look out for your interests. They are employed by and work for the compensation carrier, not you. The compensation carrier will not voluntarily inform you of your full entitlement within worker compensation law.

Work related injuries can many times be devastating for future employment. Cirilli Law Offices, S.C. can assist you if you need retraining as a result of the injury. We can also work with you to assure that you are adequately compensated for any future loss of earning capacity. It is necessary to protect yourself in the future regarding future medical costs and expenses. Cirilli Law Offices, S.C. can help.

Don’t go it alone. Together, we can achieve fair and just compensation for your work-related injury and protect your future.

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