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Business Law, Corporations, Partnerships, & LLCs

At Cirilli Law Offices, S.C., we recognize that the organization of every business requires special considerations with regard to a broad spectrum of concerns. The organization of any business requires a skilled professional team consisting of competent legal counsel and competent tax advice from a skilled Certified Public Accountant. We can assist you with problem solving and strategy regarding the organization and formation of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.

The organization of any business requires discussion regarding appropriate ownership of the business regardless of whether it is a corporation, partnership, or LLC, and also to develop an organized blueprint for the management and control of the business. Business people are no different than families. Sometimes families split up, and sometimes business associates split up. Appropriate consideration must be given to not only the operation of a successful business by multiple owners and/or managers, but also to dealing with what is, in many cases, the inevitable withdrawal of a business partner through death, divorce, disability, or discord.

Knowing in advance what happens to a withdrawing business partner’s interest will save the business and the remaining business partners a considerable amount of time, money, and mental anguish. An appropriately drafted shareholder’s agreement, member’s agreement, or partnership agreement can save everyone involved in the business a considerable amount of mental anguish and money in the event of an untimely or unexpected withdrawal of a business partner.

There are many other issues to be considered in the formation of a business including: capitalization, payment of dividends, payment of expenses, salary to be paid to the business members, leases of personal property or real estate to the businesses, etc.

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